Join us in 2022 !!!

Trips from Seattle and Kirkland

Canceled for this season:

Trips from Bellingham and

Burlington, Stanwood & Monroe

Here is an overview of the bus parts of your day....(we know you can imagine the short lift lines and open slopes!)


The Bus: Skis, packs, items you won't need during the ride, etc. are stowed in the luggage area under the bus. Purses, small bags, helmets, boots, treats, etc. will fit under your seat, in the overhead bins or in a seat reserved for stashing extra things.  We charter luxury coaches that come with restrooms.


Pickup: Please let us know if you will NOT be riding one day if you have signed up for a package or for a particular day, otherwise we will worry about you!

Tuesday Morning emergency #s

HOTLINEDeborah 206-550-4908 (texting AOK) 

(backup # in case you cannot reach Deborah - Joe 425-449-1948 NO TEXTS).


COVID precautions aboard:

** Wear a mask covering nose and mouth at all times, except when actively eating or drinking. We suggest KN-95 masks.

** Provide a copy of proof of full vaccination when making reservation. 

** Keep hands clean. We will provide hand sanitizer for use when aboard.

** Use typical hygiene and good manners. 

 We Arrive at Stevens Pass at approximately

 9:00-ish for Seattle/Kirkland

 (This route is cancelled this season: 9:15am-ish for Bellingham route)

 This is when we expect to arrive at Stevens Pass Ski Area. Road 

 conditions, traffic, etc. can affect this. 

 Bring your Pass or buy your ticket online to go straight to the chair!  Ticket Counter accepts cash or credit card. 

Make sure you take a good look at the bus as you head up to ski,   perhaps noting its license #, bus #, etc. There are a few buses up   there on Tuesdays, they may be moved to another nearby spot. We want to be the one to take you back down the mountain.

 Noon-ish - Much depends on the Stevens/Vail rules and set-up around this. In previous years, most folks aboard would rendezvous on the 2nd floor of the main lodge for lunch. Back then, you could find us spread out between the lodges, too. Others used to meet in the coffee stand area and others in one of the other Lodges.

We do not know how things will be. We do nothing organized around meeting up other than getting ourselves back onto the bus promptly.

 Departure from Stevens Pass

 3:30pm SHARP - when the NORTHEND route bus drives away!

 4:00pm SHARP - when the SEATTLE/KIRKLAND/MONROE bus

 drives away!

NOTE: This is the DRIVE-AWAY time; please have your skis loaded and be inside the bus by this time.

 The Trip Up: A CHANGE: Our tradition has been to provide free coffee and a sweet treat on the ride up to the mountain. We are not doing this at present - we plan to add this tradition back into our routine when we feel it will be safe considering COVID, Flu, etc. YES! of course you can bring your own coffee, tea, whatever. Sharing is AOK, we are discouraging passing containers around - over the shoulder, across the aisle, etc. 

The Return: A CHANGE: We have a tradition of a casual Pot Luck - passing around food and treats on the way back home. We are NOT DOING this for now and plan to add it back in when we feel it is again safe.

Sharing is good. It can be fun. Sharing is AOK!  What we have stopped doing is passing food/drinks/treats over the shoulder to the seat in front of us or across the aisle. If you bring something to share, please consider passing it around yourself. We suggest each item be wrapped and discourage bags of chips or popcorn when many hands may be reaching inside.

Yes, you can share your goodies if you want to. 

Even if you do not have something to share it is OK to join in on the snacking, eating, whatever


 Seattle/Kirkland/Monroe: Each week we pass an envelope to collect tips for that day's bus driver. Not required that you participate.

 Bellingham/Burlington/Stanwood/Monroe: Each week we will pass an envelope to collect tips for that day's bus driver. Not required that you participate.

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15 January 2022, 7:00pm