Ski / Snowboard / or just Visit Stevens Pass


Starting:  January 9th &into February - 2024!!

1 ride or more - choose your dates (maybe into March)


Ride a luxury coach and

take the Easy Way To Stevens

January - February & Maybe Into March 2024


Email TuesdaySkiBus at gmail

or Call 206-550-4908

 We are the Merry Mountain Ski Club

(a Washington State non-profit corporation)

coming up to Stevens for over 30 years. 

Skiers, Snowboarders, Visitors


Call 206-550-4908
Email TuesdaySkiBus at gmail

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24 November 2023 - 12:15am


Please email or call for more info

or to get on the emailing list 

South Route:

pick-ups: Seattle and Kirkland

North Route:

pick-ups: Bellingham, Burlington, Stanwood and Monroe

We are eager to introduce you to 

our ski club and our Tuesday Ski Bus to Stevens

So, come and join Us! 


Option #1 - North Route: Our planned pick up spots are Bellingham, Burlington, Stanwood and Monroe. 6 ride package, 4-5 ride packages or single rides to create your own custom package. 

Option #2 - South Route: We pick up in both Seattle (Montlake) and Kirkland (Bridle Trails). 8 ride package, 4-7 ride packages or single rides to create your own custom package. 

 Please, Email us 

to get on our emailing list

to get more information

to learn answers to your questions

(or to make your reservation request/reservation)

TuesdaySkiBus at gmail


calls are AOK; we just prefer email


Want to make sure you get in some quality time
 on the slopes? These buddies never bag out!

Someone else has to deal with snow chains and you can grab an extra hour of sleep or catch up on your reading when you ride with us!

Start date in 2024 for both routes: 9 January 2024
We head up on Tuesdays
single rides, packages, choose your dates

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24 November 2023 - 12:30am

We're just the ride!

Get your passes & tickets from Stevens Pass -


 Check Us Out!

We have very competitive pricing
and are pretty great folks.

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Ride with us -
The Tuesday Ski Bus from Merry Mountain Ski Club
Seattle, Kirkland
Bellingham, Burlington, Stanwood, Monroe

Then, spend your day on the snow -
& be home in time for dinner!

we pass around an envelope at the end of our ski day to collect tips our driver..

 You will like this:
** our chartered luxury coaches will always have a restroom

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5 October 2023, 2:15pm