An outline of the bus parts of your day....(we know you can imagine the short lift lines and open slopes!)


The Bus: Skis, packs, items you won't need during the ride, etc. can be stowed in the luggage stowage area under the bus. Your purses, small bags, helmets, boots, treats, etc. will fit under your seat or in the overhead bins.  The bus will have a restroom.


Pickup: Please let us know if you will NOT be riding one day if you have signed up for a package or for a particular day, otherwise we will worry about you!

Tuesday Morning emergency #s

HOTLINEDeborah 206-550-4908 (texting AOK) 

(backup # in case you cannot reach Deborah - Joe 425-449-1948 NO TEXTS).


TREATS!!! We provide FREE coffee and sweet treats on the ride up to Stevens. Nothing fancy, but there is both decaf and regular, sweetener options, fresh milk/cream, cups.


9:15am-ish - about when we arrive at Stevens. Bring your Pass or buy your ticket online to go straight to the chair!  Ticket Counter accepts cash or credit card. Make sure you take a good look at the bus so you can find it at the end of the day, there are a few buses up there on Tuesdays. Look for the license or bus number.


Noon-ish - most folks rendezvous in the 2nd floor of the main lodge for lunch. Join us!


4:00 pm SHARP - when the bus drives away!


The Return: Treats on the way back in the evening (or on the way up if you want!) are Pot Luck. Bring what you want to share: drinks, snacks, whatever.  Once the bus starts moving it is fun time. Share your goodies if you want to. Even if you do not have something to share - join in on the snacking, eating, whatever. It is a group thing!


Each week we pass an envelope to collect tips for our bus driver that day. Not required that you participate.